Radlett Post Office to close next year

It has apparently been “decided” (by whom exactly I am not clear) that Radlett’s Post Office sorting office will close sometime next year. This means that the Post Office counter and shop will also close as they cannot support the costs of the whole  building.

The implications of all this are considerable and I wonder if anyone has really thought them through in a coherent manner?

Firstly it means that all letters and parcels for residents of Radlett and the villages will be sorted in Borehamwood’s sorting office. They don’t have the room to do this (the Radlett sorting office has pigeon holes for each house) so they will only be partially sorted by rounds. Then our postmen and post women will have to drive or be driven to Borehamwood to collect their post and sort it themselves in the street perhaps?

Any parcels which cannot be delivered will be returned to Borehamwood for collection (although you will have to wait 48 hours before you can collect them). There is no parking outside or even near the Borehamwood sorting office – the nearest is in the Shopping Boulevard – so it will take a five mile round trip and a five to ten minute walk to get your parcels in future.

Has anyone calculated the extra environmental costs of this crazy decision – I suspect not.

And what of the general Post Office services themselves? The most likely result is that the Post Office Counter – and maybe the shop – will move to a shop unit somewhere in Watling Street. I would hope this would not under any circumstances be in either Budgens or Tescos as they do not have the room. But this relies on their being a suitable vacant shop unit available sometime next year at an affordable rent, which cannot be guaranteed at all.

The Post Office site is likely to be bought by the Red House to build the new and larger Surgery they have wanted to build for several years. While this will be welcomed by most people, the loss of the Post Office obviously will not. I wonder whether the Red House could incorporate a Post Office in their new building?

And finally, what about the existing Red House building? Is that likely to be retained as part of a new surgery complex or sold off to help fund the new one? I don’t know myself but no doubt details will emerge eventually!


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